1 November 2021

More than 70 employees of the Titan-Polymer Plant received sponsored training

More than 70 employees of the Titan-Polymer Plant received the opportunity to upgrade their skills. Training was sponsored by Titan-Polymer. The plant encourages employees to take part in training programs to upgrade their skills or to learn a new profession.

"We offer our employees various trainings to cover company staffing needs in different fields. Employees can improve their professional skills at our expense," said German Petrushko, General Director of the Titan-Polymer Plant.

Employees are trained during their probationary period. Particular attention is paid to safety issues e. g. when working at heights or by acquiring first aid skills. All staff members take part in Health and Safety at Work training once a year, culminating in a final test for all participants.

Technicians get more serious training, including advanced training, specific training and a certification by Rostekhnadzor (the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia), if required. For these purposes a long-term agreement was signed with the training center "SEMS" in Pskov. Specific trainings were done in specialized departments in St. Petersburg and in Novosibirsk.

Every staff member (from 135 employees) received basic training in safety and health protection when entering the company, and 52 employees received obligatory annual (repeated) training for blue-collar personnel.

The following trainings in various fields were done:

training and testing of HSE managers - 97 persons;

electric safety - 22 persons;

fire safety - 15 persons;

basic civil defense and emergency management - one person;

advanced training in various fields - 26 persons;

training and testing of knowledge of working at heights - 34 persons;

training and testing of knowledge of working in a cradle elevator - 13 persons;

training of a sling operator - 11 persons;

training of a loader operator - 2 persons;

24 persons got first aid training.

Some employees could upgrade their qualifications and acquire necessary professional skills through state-run programs for entrepreneurs. With the assistance of the “My Business”-Center in Pskov, 5 employees were trained in environmental safety, 12 were trained to operate hoisting machines by a remote control, 3 - to operate elevators, beside this, three slingers were trained, one electrician received an additional training, and a welder improved his professional skills.

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