About company

Pskov Plant Titan-Polymer is the project for the establishment of the multifunctional complex to produce the polyethylene terephthalate, fibers, films and nonwovens. It is implementing on the Special Economic Zone Moglino territory.

This strategic project allows to establish the base of polyester raw materials, provide the import-substituting of a wide range of products, including the medical and special purposes. The textile and film polyethylene terephthalate production will contribute to the revival of textile and other industrial areas.

The project implementation will establish the creation of the Pskov region socio-economic development preconditions. The production complex start-up will increase treasury revenues at every level as well as non-budgetary funds of Russian Federation.

Key figures

19billion ruble
the project cost
operational    commissioning
work places number including affiliates

Output products

per year
up to 72 000 tone
Scope of Applicability
  • Food industry
  • Flexible packaging industry
  • Electrical engineering industry
  • Medicine industry
  • Building industry
  • Agriculture industry
per year
up to 210 000 tone
Types of products
  • Films
  • Nonwovens
  • Fibers
  • Sheets
  • Yarns

Project implementation stages and terms

1 quarter of 2019
Project start-up
now The First stage 2 BOPET production lines
The Second stage PET production of cut fiber
The Third stage Cord yarns, tire cord and nonwovens production
The Forth stage The Scientific-Research Center establishment (SRC)

Titan-Polymer LLC Geographic location

Pskov region is the only one region of Russian Federation bordering on three states:

9 border crossing points
concentration of ports within walking distance

Small and medium business development

The plant will become a growth driver for the establishment and development of enterprises servicing the new production complex and its products processing:

Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Light industry
Household chemicals
Construction and repair
Food industry
Heavy industry

Corporate responsibility

The environmental and industrial productions safety, social responsibility, balancing between the business and society interests are priorities of the Group of companies Titan and its affiliated companies.

Titan-Polymer Ltd is high-technology production with a level of environmental protection meets the most stringent requirements of Russian and European Regulations. This new enterprise will promote the economic and social development of Pskov region.

11,5billion ruble

the plant will pay tax deductions to the budgets of all levels and off-budget funds until 2027.


will be employed in Pskov region

500 jobs are at the Titan-Polymer production complex and up to 2,000 more jobs are at related production facilities

Safety and Fire Protection

The special phased assessment of the working conditions is conducting at the enterprise. Expert organizations searched the available workplaces to identify hazardous and harmful production factors in order to provide employees with additional guarantees and benefits based on the results of this survey. For today all these workplaces meet the requirements of labor protection legislation.

All employees are provided with special clothing, shoes and other important equipment for the personal and collective protection. The enterprise will be provided with modern, high-technology equipment, what means the conditions at the workplace will meet the modern health and safety requirements.

The company is working on risk assessment at workplaces in order to minimize the likelihood of harm to employees' health and the environment.

Neretin Kirill Anatolyevich
General Director
The start-up of Titan-Polymer Plant in Pskov region is an important stage in chemical industry development in our country. The enterprise will ensure industrial cooperation formation in Pskov region and will become a base for the enterprises cluster, which will use the plant production – BOPET-films and PET-pellets as raw material for their production.