2 November 2021

Over 80 eco-lessons were held in Pskov schools with the support of Titan-Polymer

Over 80 eco-lessons were held in the schools of the Pskov region as a part of the project "Eco-Mindset". According to Sergei Yelizarov, Project Coordinator and a member of the Expert Council of Russia’s Environmental Movement, about 400 schoolchildren in the region participated in the environmental lessons.

Titan-Polymer launched the project "Ecological Mindset" in Pskov secondary schools to share ecological behavior and useful ecological habits among the young generation. The project is based on a series of environmental lessons that are held in schools of Pskov and of the Pskov district. Those lessons were designed by public environmental inspectors together with methodologists from the Pskov Ecological and Biological Centre.

Environmental activities are designed for pupils of Grades 5-7. Many of them have heard about waste segregation, but not everyone knows why they need to sort their waste. Often, all household garbage is thrown into a residual waste container, although there may be a container for plastic and cardboard. During the eco-lessons children are clearly told about the types of waste and the forms of waste management.

The "eco-lesson" program includes a presentation, a theoretical part, a live dialogue, and a game. Learning takes place through reinforcement. While playing, pupils perform a task of sorting household waste and at the end of the lesson make a plan of implementation. Useful environmental habits and their impact are discussed in detail. "For example, by turning off the tap in the bathroom early, we save not only water but also electricity and other natural resources," said Yelizarov.

The geographical range of the project "Eco-Mindset" is gradually expanding. Initially, it was designed for schools in Pskov and the Pskov district. Out-of-project classes were held in Velikiye Luki, as well as in libraries. There are plans to start an eco-club in the library "Raduga" where schoolchildren could meet on weekends. Also in the works are eco-lessons for schoolchildren in Ostrov, Pechory, Novorzhevsk districts and other municipalities, as well as a new form of eco-lessons for high school pupils.

Thank to the support of Titan-Polymer, trash bins for separate waste collection were placed in the Multidisciplinary Lyceum of Pskov, Lyceum "Development" and Gymnasium of Tyamsha. The regional waste disposal company Mekhuborka assisted in placing additional containers for plastic waste. Children experience applying their knowledge in real life. It also helps parents and teachers to understand the initiative "Eco-Mindset","said Yelizarov. To round up the lesson, each kid got an ecological bag made of natural materials to use for shopping and to make plastic bags unnecessary. The most engaged pupils will be rewarded with field trips to sorting stations.

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