27 August 2021

Project of industrial co-operation with Titan-Polymer Plant was presented at Young Entrepreneurs Competition

Stas Osovsky the chairman of Pskov regional branch of Business Russia, an All-Russia Public Organization, became a participant at the regional stage of All-Russian competition - Young Entrepreneur of Russia.

The project submitted for the competition represents industrial co-operation with Titan-Polymer Plant (a part of Titan Group of Companies) an anchor resident of Moglino SEZ.

"Our project is unique because we are the first ones to declare such industrial co-operation, and the first ones to start working with this kind of raw material. Here we are talking about BOPET and PET raw materials. For today, the current BOPET market demand is satisfied mainly due to imports. PET for textile and film production purposes is for 100% imported to Russia and is going to be produced at Russian market for the first time ever," said Stanislav Osovsky.

Among other competitive advantages of the project, the entrepreneur mentioned location of the plant - this is the Moglino special economic zone, which gives us certain privileges and tax preferences. In addition, the plant is located in the vicinity of "the three borders", which allows to develop international relations and export.

According to the entrepreneur, his PskovPlast Project is a plastic product manufacturing plant. Thanks to the project implementation the region will provide employment opportunities and create more than 50 high-paid jobs at the manufacturing facility itself, this is not counting outsourcing and office.

"The project is valid and fine. We will start construction once the first line of Titan-Polymer is up and running. It does not make any economic sense to start before the key events happen," said Stas Osovsky.

We should add that the competition participants are the young people aged from 16 to 35 years being entrepreneurs, self-employed citizens, legal entities founders/participants. The winners will have an opportunity to present their projects at federal level and will receive the title of the winners of federal competition at regional stage, business contacts and opportunities for professional development, the opportunity to make a statement about their projects to the entire country, as well as take part in a master class on public speaking and self-presentation.

The winners of the competition will be announced on August 29.

Press service