15 November 2021

Titan-Polymer continues supporting "Eco-Mindset" project

The outputs and the future of the project "Eco-Mindset" in the Pskov region were discussed at the press conference on November, 12. The project was launched in February 2021 to help children and teenagers to develop ecological behavior and useful eco-friendly habits. The project came to life with the support of Titan-Polymer. The program consists of a series of environmental lessons where children acquire new knowledge and learn to apply it in real practice. As of today, ca. 400 schoolchildren in three schools got more than 80 eco-lessons in Pskov and in Tyamsha. The project is supported by the "The Presidential Grant Foundation".

"Already the very first eco-lessons made clear what it is all about. At the beginning parents were asking what comes next," said Sergey Yelizarov, Head of the “Eco-Mindset” project, member of the Public Chamber of the Pskov region and member of the Expert Council of the Russia’s Environmental Movement.

The children put their knowledge into practice - they sort waste at school, plastic garbage goes into a special container. Two and three-section containers were provided by Titan-Polymer. The regional waste disposal company Mekhuborka assisted in placing the containers. The Education Committee of the Pskov Region provided great support to the project. Each schoolchild participating in the project received an eco-bag from Titan-Polymer to make disposable bags unnecessary. Under the umbrella of the “Eco-Mindset” project, children collected waste paper and all the proceeds were donated to the animal rescue organizations "Chance" and "Lesopilka".

"We won't stop there. I don't see any shortcomings, only benefits. This is a very creative project. The kids are being creative. They are very proactive, even though our eco-lessons do not imply homework. Sometimes they even give us advice, and that’s sweet. Schoolchildren are fully engaged in the project and offered to give such lessons for the younger grades as well," said Yelizarov.

"The children's enthusiasm is the main evidence of the project’s success," said Irina Nikiforova, Head of the Department of Environmental Protection, Environmental Expertise, Rationing and State Accounting of the Committee for Natural Resources and Ecology of the Pskov Region. She believes that it is very important to inculcate children with environmental awareness. Sometimes even parents are not sufficiently savvy, children carry useful environmental habits into the family.

"Environmental education in schools gives children a basic knowledge of the topic and reinforces the skills of ecological behavior. Eco-lessons spark students' interest and lively emotional reactions. They like what we do together at eco-lessons. I believe that our region can be proud of such an interesting practice. We plan to expand the project and increase the number of schools where eco-lessons take place. In the future we would like to hold them in every school," said Snezhanna Ermolaeva, Director of Communications of Titan-Polymer Ltd.

Natalya Senojatskaya, ecologist of the regional operator for MSW handling - "Ecoprom" Ltd. - expressed her gratitude to Sergey Yelizarov, the Head of "Eco-mindset" project, for his contribution to saving natural resources. She noted that the company has placed a container for the collection of plastic waste on the school grounds - it is very important for children to see the result of their activities.

Natalya Ukatova, the Head of the Pskov State University Volunteerism Resource Center, added that students of the main higher education institution in Pskov actively participate in environmental activities. They also especially liked the call to "Turn in waste paper - feed homeless animals".

In the future, the "Eco-Mindset" project will be spread throughout the Pskov region and offer lessons in libraries: Titan-Polymer proposed to develop a video course including a series of eco-lessons. It can be used by teachers in their daily work for extracurricular classes on environmental topics.

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