27 December 2021

Titan-Polymer engaged in good cause ahead of New Year

Plant Titan-Polymer made a donation of numerous candy presents to the Pskov regional branch of the Russian Children's Foundation as part of the campaign "New Year and Christmas season holidays".

Every year, on the threshold of the New Year’s Eve, the Children's Foundation collects donations of sweets, toys, books – everything that brings joy to kids. Many philanthropists make children happy: from orphans and socially weak families such as large families or with children with disabilities to families with lower income.

The Pskov branch of the Children's Foundation shares out the donated presents to 18 districts of the Pskov region. As of today, more than 2,300 gifts have been distributed. The collection of sweets donations goes on, as New Year’s Tree parties and side events will be held also in January.

Titan-Polymer purchased 120 candy presents as charitable contribution. More than 50 presents have already been given to the students of Kachanovo secondary school in the Palkino district of the Pskov region.

Press service