8 November 2021

Titan-Polymer helps to renovate the community health post in Tyamsha

Renovation works go on in the village first aid station in the settlement of Tyamsha in the Pskov district. The Titan-Polymer Plant (member of the Titan Group) made its financial contribution as a part of its social engagement with the local authorities of the Pskov district.

The medical station serves about 4,000 residents in the Tyamsha area, which corresponds with the population number in some neighborhood centers in the Pskov region. The local district medical center is clearly overworked, that’s why it’s so important to be able to provide medical care in a developing community.

"The social partnership program provides resources to support different social facilities. Last year, together with the local authorities of Pskov district we identified two buildings that needed help in the first place - the community center and the first aid station in the settlement of Tyamsha. An anchor resident should be an anchor in everything. After all, a large enterprise is not only jobs and taxes, but also a reliable social partner for the region," said General Director Petrushko.

During the renovation process the floor area of the station is going to be enlarged, separate entrances for adult and children's departments will be made, and cosmetic renovation completed. The renovated medical station will also have two treatment rooms and a staff lounge, three WC-facilities will be set up - for children, adults and people with limited mobility.

Among other things, rooms have been redesigned, the doorways widened, the floors are being leveled, an electrical system and fire alarm system are being installed and the walls tiled. The facility is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of the year.

Very soon, the residents of Tyamsha area will get medical care in a comfortable and modern medical center.

It should be noted that Titan-Polymer helps social institutions of Pskov district as a part of its corporate social activity programs, in particular the kindergarten "Petushok" and gymnasium in Tyamsha.

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