25 October 2021

Titan-Polymer is a joint partner of the "People's recognition - 2021" award

This year, organizers of the First Public Award of the Pskov region "People's recognition - 2021" in partnership with Titan-Polymer (member of the Titan Group) introduce a new category: “Eco-Mindset”.

The "Eco-Mindset" category should highlight the best environmental projects in the Pskov region, said the Titan-Polymer Plant General Director German Petrushko.

He emphasized that the ecological approach is an important state strategy, especially as a part of the national project "Ecology". "To achieve national development goals, it is not enough to relay on the set intentions. We need public participation, the individual contribution of every single person and a reset in the way of thinking," Petrushko said.

Mr. Petrushko drew attention to the fact that the promotion of the ecological knowledge and the rise of the environmental awareness are the priority directions for Titan-Polymer’s social activities.

Mr. Petrushko expects that the "Eco-Mindset" category of "People's Recognition" award encourages the society to participate in the environmental protection. The first steps would be waste sorting, cleanup of waste accumulation area, development of sustainability mindset among entrepreneurs and citizens and volunteer assignments in various "green" projects.

The Director of Titan-Polymer is sure that the introduction of this new category will reach a wide range of people to get acquainted with environmental projects, which are realized by self-starters of the region. "We hope that Pskov citizens find the experience of these environmentalists useful and needed," he concluded.

Every project, action or initiative will be eligible for the "Eco-Mindset" category if they are designed to improve and preserve the environment in the Pskov region. The award can be given to anyone who cares about the environment, it doesn’t matter if it is a person, a public organization, an enterprise or an institution, etc.

You can submit your application by e-mail premiya@informpskov.ru till December, 6. The application should include a filled-up application form and a photo which describes the implementation of the environmental project or action.

This year the "People’s Recognition" award will be presented in 12 categories. For more details visit the website of the Pskov Information Agency.

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