8 February 2022

Titan-Polymer made a wish come true for an orphan child

Titan-Polymer Plant granted another wish for a child as a part of the "Wish tree" campaign. Alexey Maksimov (16) from Krasnogorodsk special orphanage (EHC) wanted to learn how to drift. The young man is interested in cars, his first driving experience he got with his uncle.

 Alexey took part in a master class on safe driving on the snow and ice on February 6, which was organized by Pskov Federation of Motor Sports.

 Together with skilled mentors the teenager tried to tame a Renault Logan sports car on the racing track. He dressed up as a professional racer in uniform and put on a helmet (safety goes first, of course), got acquainted with the peculiarities of a rally car and all in all got a new exciting experience. During the master class he made several test runs on the sports car.

 "They taught me how to hold the steering wheel correctly, how to make turns so the car doesn't drift away. Most of all I liked the 'police turnaround' manoeuvre - you get the real adrenaline rush," said Alexey. He also confessed that now he has a new dream - to buy a racing car.

The president of Pskov Federation of Motor Sports Oleg Myslevich praised the driving skills of the young man: he is as good as a newcomer with a driving license. "Alexey has a very strong character and there is no doubt that he can achieve a lot," Myslevich added.

 "It's important to support the younger generation, even if it comes to extreme sports. Perhaps, this experience will push him to the new limits and help to choose the future profession and one day maybe even become a new racing champion," said German Petrushko, General Director of Titan-Polymer.

 All-Russian charitable campaign "Wish tree" for orphans and children left without parental care (from 3 to 17 years) came to the Pskov region in 2019. Executive and legislative authorities of the region, municipalities, as well as business society, state corporations, public organizations and charitable foundations step up as the supporters of this initiative. The action is also supported by the Charitable Foundation for the development of the Pskov region "Saint Princess Olga Equal to the Apostles". As part of the charity campaign Titan-Polymer granted seven wishes to Pskov children.

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