13 September 2021

Titan-Polymer Plant's environmental project won a semi-finalist in We Are Together International Prize

We Are Together International Prize organizing committee summarized the quarterfinals results. 300 professional experts evaluated over 25,000 applications within the month. More than 20 socially important projects from Pskov region won semi-finals following the qualifying stage results. Ecosubbota Project - an initiative of Titan-Polymer Plant (Titan Group of Companies) got semi-finalist status in the Business track.

"It is important for our company to follow the principles of sustainable development. We have held more than 20 environmental events: eco-quests, roundtables, interviews, eco-lectures for the company employees, challanges, competitions and clean-up days during the current year under Ecosubbota Corporate Project. We were the general partner of Clean Pskov Environmental Contest and also actively participated in provision of urban amenities and planting of greenery in the city. We regularly provide information on social media and publish posts about environment friendly lifestyle and conscious consumption," said Snezhanna Ermolaeva, Director of Communications at Titan-Polymer.

The second phase of the Ecosubbota Project is now underway, which includes working on a design project for the city's eco-spaces. Pilot projects are expected to be implemented next year near Pskov State University campus and in Korytovo forest-park.

"We plan to present the eco-spaces to the public by the end of the year and start looking for partners willing to contribute to the development of these areas and jointly solve environmental education problems," added Snezhanna Ermolaeva.

We should note that We Are Together International Prize is the key award in the field of social initiatives in Russia, which is supported by the Russian Federation President and contributes to achieving the national goals development. The main purpose of the award is to identify the leaders of social changes from among the representatives of non-profit organisations, volunteer movements, business and the media sector, and to support their initiatives aimed at helping and improving citizens' lives.

The key criteria for evaluating the projects were: relevance and social importance of the project, quantitative and qualitative performance indicators, logical connection between the issues, goals, objectives and activities listed, as well as the results and transparency of implementation.

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