4 October 2021

Titan-Polymer took part in "Eco-Wednesday" program

Nadezhda Yekimova, an environmental engineer of Titan-Polymer Ltd., took part in "Eco-Wednesday" program.

"Eco-Wednesday " is a radio broadcast of "Echo of Moscow" in Pskov on the last Wednesday of the month. It represents an interview with an expert on how ecology becomes a part of our everyday practices, on conscious consumption and useful eco-friendly habits.

The environmental engineer Nadezhda Yekimova and the program host Sergey Yelizarov discussed the specifics of the environmentalist's work at the enterprise: who are these specialists today, what they do at the enterprise, and what steps should be taken at the enterprise to reduce its impact on the environment.

"In my opinion, conscious manufacturing begins with reducing energy consumption and minimizing production waste. For example, the implementation of energy-efficient lighting technologies: energy-saving lamps have longer service life and higher brightness. While choosing an optimal lighting source, an enterprise makes a huge step forward in saving electricity. The use of energy-efficient lighting eliminates or reduces first-class waste such as used fluorescent lamps and reduces the risks associated with temporary storage and transportation of waste," the expert said.

Yekimova noted that environmentalism today is not only a trendy profession, but also a very demanding work. Sustainability is nowadays more important than ever. It pushes us to find new development opportunities and improve our skills.

In addition, Ms. Yekimova pointed out the importance of environmental education projects at enterprises to improve the employees' ecological behavior.

Last October, Titan-Polymer joined Russia’s Environmental Movement "EcoSaturday" and launched its corporate project "EcoSaturday with Titan". Staff members and company partners are highly motivated to implement this strategy into their everyday life. They acquire eco-friendly habits both at their workplace and at home and motivate their social circle to focus on conscious consumption.

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