29 November 2021

Titan-Polymer will produce scarce raw materials for light industry

Titan-Polymer will produce scarce raw materials, including those for the light industry, stated Olga Dementieva, Head of the Development Department of Titan-Polymer Ltd. This announcement was made on November, 26 during the meeting of Pskov businessmen with the Commissioner for the Entrepreneurs' Rights at the President of the Russian Federation, director of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Institute for Economy of Growth, Stolypin P. A.", Anton Sviridenko.

The main topic of the meeting was the operation of industrial parks and the support program for small business. The federal speaker proposed a development program for small and medium business by creating favorable terms in the region. After analyzing the current situation, the Institute proposed a line of development and possible supporting steps for Pskov business community. Mr. Sviridenko, Director of the "Institute for Economy of Growth, Stolypin P. A.", together with Arkady Murilev, Commisioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights of the Pskov region, discussed with other business representatives various support measures for entrepreneurship, especially the support of production industry and forming of cooperative partnership.

During the meeting, Ms. Dementieva pointed out that Titan-Polymer will reinforce the development of chemical industry and pull up the small and medium business in the production and value-added chain of the industrial production.

"Line 1 of the plant is now under construction, and the planned Line 2 shall produce polymer raw materials, including textile fibers for the light industry. In the future perspective there will be an industrial park around the plant on the territory of the special economic zone "Moglino”, added Dementieva.

Ms. Dementieva reminded about the forum "Composites without borders" that was held in November, where representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rosatom (UMATEX), Association of E-Commerce Companies (AKIT) and others discussed the significance of new materials and substances to secure technological leadership of Russia. They stated the fact that at present numerous mechanisms of state support often do not match each other and proposed in the forum resolution to request the government to improve this situation.

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