3 December 2021

Titan-Polymer wins an international award

EcoSaturday Project of Pskov Plant Titan-Polymer, member of Titan Group, got the first place in the category Green Country at the international award #WeAreTogether (#МыВместе).

Plenty of events (eco-quests, round tables, interviews, eco-lectures for employees, challenges, contests, clean-up days) with environmental background took place during this year as a part of the EcoSaturday Project.

"Environmental awareness and environmental protection become a mainstream. Our business society should support National Project Ecology and help to establish an environmental behavior in our communities. This award is a good proof that our work is important, it encourages us to grow and expand further. And, of course, it is an achievement of many people, a big team worked on this project," said Snezhanna Ermolaeva, one of the project initiators and Director for Communications of Titan-Polymer.

Another team members of the project are Alina Rybina, Deputy General Director on Corporate Communications of Titan Group, and Sergey Elizarov, Head of the Pskov department of the Russia’s Environmental Movement. All project members implement eco-habits in their everyday live and encourage their social circle to conscious consumption: they share their knowledge, post relevant photos and videos in social networks and launch thematic challenges.

Every Saturday official social networks of the project post up about eco-friendly way of living and conscious consumption. The initiators of the project also took part in the environmental initiative Clean Pskov and planted about 60 trees in the city. The second stage of the project implies creation of unique eco-spaces in the Pskov region: both in apartments and in public spaces (neighborhoods, office buildings and other urban spaces), including container sites with separate waste collection. A starting point was set up and the work began. The project is guided by advisers of the Russia’s Environmental Movement. Next year, EcoSaturday project will be launched in Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula and Rostov regions.

We remind you that the International Forum of Civil Participation #WeAreTogether (#МыВместе) is held in Moscow Central Exhibition Hall Manege ahead of the International Volunteer Day and pull together volunteers and social business, as well as journalists and bloggers around the initiative of Partners with a Common Purpose. About 300 professionals representing the authorities, various leading non-profit organizations, commercial companies and mass media, speak at the forum.

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