28 September 2022

Olga Tarasenko: Titan-Polymer meets the main priorities of Russian industry and science development

An investment project, implemented by AO GC Titan on the territory of the SEZ Moglino in the Pskov region, meets all the main priorities of Russian industry and science development. It was announced by General Director of AO GC Titan Olga Tarasenko during a press conference held in the PIA (Pskov Information Agency) media center on September 28.

Among the speakers were deputy governor of the Pskov region Ninel Salagaeva, Chairman of the regional Committee on economic development and investment policy Andrey Mikheev, acting General Director of JSC "SEZ PPP "Moglino" Anton Yakovlev, and also management of AO GC Titan, including General Director of AO GC Titan Olga Tarasenko, Deputy General Director of AO GC Titan on corporate communications Alina Rybina and general director of Pskov plant "Titan-Polymer" German Petrushko.

During the press conference the participants spoke on the status of implementation of the Titan-Polymer investment project, importance and uniqueness of the plant for the Pskov region, contribution of Titan-Polymer plant to import substitution, and on the implemented social projects.

General Director of AO GC Titan Olga Tarasenko told that Titan Group of companies was currently finishing the construction of two BOPET-film production lines. Their capacity will be about 72 thousand tons per year. “The investment project meets all the main priorities of Russian industry and science development,” the speaker emphasized and reminded that Titan-Polymer was an import substitution project.

According to the speaker, today there are two BOPET-film production facilities in Russia that produce about 30-37 thousand tons of products. “There is a shortage. The market of BOPET film in the CIS countries (including Russia) is import-dependent. The disadvantages of imported products include long delivery time and high logistics costs, so consumers are interested in new domestic producers. We expect to enter the market with this product this year,” Olga Tarasenko claimed.

General Director also noted that the new production actively participated in the processes of economic development of the Pskov region and cooperated with the Pskov business. “Today Titan-Polymer plant cooperates with more than 200 Pskov companies. First of all, these are transport and logistics, security companies, catering companies, construction companies,” Olga Tarasenko added.

Head of the company noted that the implementation of the Titan-Polymer second stage was in the future plans of AO GC Titan. It includes the construction of PET pellets production and creation of science basis for the development of innovative domestic polymer products. There is no production of PET pellets for textile and film applications in Russia at the moment.

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