21 March 2023

"Plant Lungs": The way the ventilation is arranged at the Titan-Polymer plant

The primary function of industrial ventilation is the removal of used air and the supply of fresh air. Ventilation helps to create a comfortable air environment in the factory's working production areas and offices. Only under conditions of pure air, normal thermal and humid conditions is it possible to achieve a successful working outcome.

The Titan-Polymer plant is equipped with a supply and exhaust ventilation system with mechanical stimulation.

The process of maintaining the required air parameters - both ventilation and air conditioning - is automatic. Monitoring and control systems are executed with the use of electronic microprocessor technology. They ensure air intake, control ventilation operation and maintain the desired room temperature.

To ensure round-the-clock and year-round operation of the ventilation system, a ventilation alarm system is provided. If necessary, reserve air handling units can be activated in the intake and exhaust systems.

The largest part of the ventilation system is the exhaust and supply air ducts. They are located externally in working production areas and hidden behind suspended ceilings in administrative and amenity areas.

Split-systems (heating-cooling) assist in setting optimal microclimate parameters in offices and auxiliary rooms.

Besides, air conditioning systems work on environmentally safe refrigerant coolant R410A. None of its components contains chlorine, so it is safe for the ozone layer.

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